Sunday, April 03, 2005

boy things cant get much worse

hi people,
i had just come ack from manipal this monday(28th).. it was my bro's convocation.. he had completed his MBA to be precise with flying colors(he made it to the corporate batch of ASHOK LEYLAND). newayi had a lot to catch upon... my exams were pretty much round the be true, i was going to give the most important set of exams in the month to come, i had never prepared so hard for any paper in the last 15 yrs.i had plans and i was sticking to it(hope so)

now , i had this friend who all of a sudden stopped being in touch(now that wouldnt be the right usage)but still there is not anything in my head that would supplement that verse.. she just stopped calling(which she never did previously too..(joking)),neither did she mail or text.... i had no idea as to what was wrong with her,,, neway, just thought to give her HER time, guess time would heal.

i dislocated my knee, to the bad part of that, i wuld require another surgery(12th one) to correct my knee, guesss i too am a sports star.... you hear them geting tjhem operated upon, dontcha ya)
things cant get worse... i was just getting good and there comes the brick in the head again....
neway hoping for the best, and too for some relations getting cleared up
loive you all
CIP(comment if possible)

boy things cant get much worse

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

an eventful early morning

march 16th
i had a lot of things in plan for the day..
but this ery nice and cute friend of mine had her plans all set which did include me to meet her early in the morning at 7. i had talked abt this friend of mine(aastha) that whats she calls herself... the gift lady..yeah.. finallly all the cribbing and blabbering had come to an end after i gave her the gift, it was a formal shirt with a bit if foral printing on it.. she did not seem happy or satisifed on seeing it, only god and she knew what she felt.. neways,, i thought that was the end of it..but for my awe it wasnt,, she was getting late for college(which was a healthy 25kms uphill), and i had to be the perfect gentleman to offer her the conveyance option. we had breakfast at a place near her college,, basically the dropline was that the both of us had some quality time together.. tlking abt the quality, she was hiding something from me, and that was for sure(GOSSIP)...
waitin for our next meet in the near future..
i had been to the dentist to settle my bills
a handsome 42000 down the drain....shall leave for my house in tvm today
cathc u guys later.... love prabhash
NB: you better remember that gossip shit LADY

post accident procedures come to an end

march 15th
today was a very hectic day..
i had just reached b'lore in the morning..
i dont know y, but i had started disliking the whole place.
i had an appointment with my dentist, at 12 in the noon.. my debtal bridges were finally ready after major rearrangements and corrections... i had a good look at what would be my smile in the days/years to come..
felt nice after the whole procedure got over with.2 years of post operative care had come to stndstill or better say stop.i was supposed to meet a friend of mine, the next day. had a gift in store for her. came back home after a very tiring circuit of the city.
catch ya all later
love prabhash

Saturday, March 05, 2005

hi, guess this is the start of a new chapter

guess this the sart to a new chapter of what can i say, net dairy writing....
well shall see in the days to come as to what i key down here...
bye and good luck to all